Have a question about Bookstagram Tours? Hopefully we answer it below but if you still aren’t sure, do send us an email.

General FAQs

What exactly is a Bookstagram Tour?

A bookstagram tour is very similar to a blog tour except that everything happens on Instagram. The idea of a traditional blog tour is to get you and your book known to people who may not have heard of you before. It’s a way of letting people hear about you and your book and to spike their interest. A bookstagram tour does exactly the same thing.

Bookstagram tours occur on instagram and usually consist of a variety of different posts. This could be a handful of reviews, a handful of guest posts written by the author, interviews between bookstagrammer and author, or may just be a beautiful photo of the book with some more information about it. All the stops will be in some way relevant to you and your book.

Why a Bookstagram Tour?

Over the last few years, the Bookstagram community has grown exponentially. It is the perfect place to increase visibility of new books and reach new audiences outside of the book blogging community. It is full of wonderful, unique and creative photographs that will really shine a new light on your book.

We think the best way to describe why a bookstagram tour works is that it puts your book front and centre, just like it would if it was in a shop window.

Instagram reaches vast and wide audiences, for example, some of our bookstagrammers have thousands of followers and hits daily.

Bookstagrammer FAQs

How do I sign-up to be on your mailing list?

All you need to do is head over to this page and fill out the embedded form.

Do I need to sign up to every bookstagram tour?

Absolutely not! The idea is that you should only sign up to the tours that you’re interested in. So if it’s not the book for you, simply ignore the e-mail and wait for the next one!

Do I have to review every book?

Not at all. Depending on the tour, there will be an opportunity to review the book or to host the author or even just to do a little spotlight post on the book. All the details of what we’re looking for will be in our sign-up emails.

Will I get a physical copy of every book?

Yes. As we’re running bookstagram tours, we know how important it is to have a physical copy of the book so one of the things we are asking of all our Authors is that they are able to send you a paper copy of the book.

Will I need to send you my photo for approval?

Definitely not! Your photos are your creation and we have absolutely no say in how they look – nor would we want to!

Will publishers provide props?

This is not something we can guarantee but if it is something you’d be interested in, do let us know and we can certainly see what we can do.

What if I do not like the book?

If you could tell us straight away, we can then work together on the next step. Whether that means taking a step back and not being a part of the tour or simply posting an author content or book spotlight post instead will depend on the bookstagrammer’s personal preference.

What if I am unable to post on my scheduled date?

Please do let us know as soon as you’re able to if there are going to be any delays in posting. If it is simply that you haven’t finished the book yet, we’re happy for you to just pop up a picture and review later on. However, if it is due to illness or other issues, please do let us know so that we can inform the author.

When should I post my picture?

There is no definite time that we would like the photo to go live. As long as it goes live before midnight on the day you’re due to post, that is totally okay with us. So post whenever works best for you and your instagram.

Can I cross-post my picture?

Absolutely! We would love to see your photo and reviews going far and wide! We ourselves will be sharing them all on our own Instagram and on our Twitter accounts too!

Author/Publisher FAQs

How much does it cost to run a tour with you?

The cost of the tour will depend on how long the tour you are booking is. You can find out about the different tours and prices, here.

Will I need to send out physical copies of the books?

Yes. As the bookstagrammers will need a physical copy of the book to take a photo of, this is something that every bookstagrammer will require.

How many books will I have to send out?

This will depend on how long your tour is but each tour will have at least one blogger per day with a maximum of two per day. So our shortest tour will be a minimum of five books, maximum of ten.

How many Bookstagrammers do you contact?

We have a large bank of bookstagrammers and we send them all a sign-up form if they’re interested in your type of book. We cannot tell you specifically how many bookstagrammers will be contacted but we will contact the best bookstagrammers for your book.

Do I need to visit all the stops on the tour?

This is definitely not something you have to do, but it would be a very nice thing to do. As the bookstagrammers are helping you out with their free time, it would definitely be appreciated to visit and at least like their photo.

Do I need to go anywhere for the tour?

Not at all. Everything is done online so you can do everything from the comfort of your own home – even in your pyjamas if you so wish!

Do I need to provide photos for the tour?

There is only one photo that you will need to provide and that is a photo of yourself. Other than that, the bookstagrammers themselves will be providing all of the photos.

Can I share the photos after the tour?

Absolutely. All we do ask is that any photos you do share always have credit attached to them.

Will the photos be shared elsewhere?

Yes. The photos will be shared on our Instagram and on our Twitters and some of the bookstagrammers may also share the photos on their other social media sites as well. Plus, you may also want to share the photos on your own social media too.

Will the reviews be added to Amazon?

While we cannot guarantee that the reviews will appear on Amazon, we will send an e-mail at the end of the tour to ask all of those bookstagrammers who did review the book, if they could cross-post it on Amazon too.